I like seeing my cock in photos and have no problem showing it. But when I, for example, see a photo of my stomach, which isn’t totally flat, then I’m not so happy to see that, because I’m not always so satisfied with my body. That’s pretty ordinary, really.

A nice cock? But what makes a nice cock? You just have to check it out and see. You can’t predict in advance.

“Transfer to Line 1.”

It’s not size that matters most. I’ve seen enough times where it didn’t matter at all. And I’ll get together with a guy whose hands are just fantastic, for example. And that’s what’ll turn me on. So there are certain “fetishes,” you could say. So a guy might have this or that, and that’s what turns me on.

And sometimes, with a film of my cock, or my jerking off, I look at it again – so I was horny then, and got horny again. And even without a computer, I just love this idea, that with my cell phone I can play a porno clip, and it can even turn me on.

That was back when I lived in Berlin. When I was a student. Back when there was no internet, and you met guys in bars. It was also easier than now, since I look older today. So it’s no longer so spontaneous and easy, in general, the way it was before now, or the way it was back then. Everything was possible back then. I think it’s still possible today, but it’s different now for me, yeah.

On this website, if you emphasize the sexual side, then you get more interest, obviously. And that’s how I view this website – that’s the demand it serves. So instead of visiting a darkroom, I make a connection on the internet, and then you show your cock, and... But then again, when I think about the pictures, with all these cock photos, I see it doesn’t necessarily make things any easier, since it puts so much focus on the sexual aspect. But then something might just show up that’s more than just sex. That’s an ideal that I also keep in mind.

I also like when a guy has a really stiff cock. And when I touch it, I can feel it getting really hard. And I can feel a sexual lust within. That’s a mutual feeling which then builds up. And that’s what really intensifies the lust and desire, not the size or shape.

That’s when I realized that my cock can also offer something to others, in that it can turn a guy on. This realization felt really good, that with my cock, I can provoke lust in others. That’s still important even now.