This is me, as you fuck me
You池e white, I知 Chinese
Once, I was ashamed to be fucked by white guys
As if a white cock inside me, could make a houseboy of me
Now I知 proud to be fucked
Like I知 proud to be gay
I知 strong, and I like being fucked by a white guy
I知 strong, and I love being fucked by you.

This is you, fucking me
You池e HIV positive, I知 HIV negative
This condom doesn稚 protect me from fear
Fear not of the virus, but of losing you
As every lover must be lost
I知 afraid,
But this love gives me courage
The price is high,
But you make me extravagantly rich.

This is you, as I fuck you
Once I was a boy, too young to fuck a man like you
Now my manhood surges forward,
As I thrust my cock deep inside you
I want to make you melt
As I sink into the tender fragility of your hole
I want to make you moan from within
I fuck you, the man I love.

Thank you, Peter.
Thank you, for trusting me.
Thank you, for loving me.