One Night in Heaven!
One Night in Heaven!

I met Paul at the station
He seduced me because I told him to
I asked him because I like him
I canít tell how much
Video is a fantasy right?
Paul and I were never lovers
But we like to pretend
Iím confused! Iím confused!
Paul turns me on
But my boyfriend holds the camera
How can I do this in front of him?
I want to do something sleazy
Nice Chinese boy turned nasty
Being nice is like being invisible

My boyfriend Peter shaved off his beard
Peter put on a dress
Peter fucked me on video
Peter shot video
While Paul seduced me
(Or did I seduce him?)
White men trading in Chinese flesh
Does this shock you?
Itís only video. My video.

Is this sexually degrading?
Who is being exploited here
if I ask my friend and my lover to fuck me on video?
I express my fantasy on video
A little revenge between friends
It doesnít have to be sensible
It doesnít have to make sense
I may not be pretty
But Iím tired of hiding myself
Look at me. This is my body. This is my video.