Jenny thinks that she has the key to popularity, parking in cars with the boys at night. When Jerry brags about taking Jenny out, he learns that she dates all the boys, and he feels less important. Nothing like being Miss Popularity.

Are you popular?

Donít you ever go out with anyone else at all?
Well donít you ever want to?

Donít you ever want to?

And by going with a lot of boys, she found out what kind of boy she really liked most.

What boys do you like most?

Youíve got to be able to take it. Your bodyís got to be able to take it.

Can you take it?

It was something new to Bill, just as a lot of other things were new.

Hungry for something new?

How do you do it?
Practice, my boy. Experience.

Are you experienced?

Yes, thatís what a boy likes.
Caroline likes it better this way too.
She knows how to have a good time.


True Confessions

When I first met my boyfriend, I told him I wasnít monogamous. But, after we moved in together, I never did actually sleep around. Somehow it never happened. Maybe it was just too much trouble. So I ended up monogamous anyway, if only by accident.

Everything changed when I went away to film school. My boyfriend stayed behind, and so it became long distance. I guess no one was surprised, when I started seeing other guys. It got complicated only after I fell in love with one.

I guess Iíve always been interested in the idea of ďpolyamoryĒ. Iím not talking about one-night stands or secret affairs, but rather the possibility of having more than one relationship at a time, with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved.

I have to admit, my boyfriend wasnít exactly crazy about the idea. But he was willing to talk about it, and in the end, he said: letís see how it goes, how it all works out. I just had to make it clear that he remains my number one.

I think the hardest was actually the scheduling. My boyfriend visits me only every three weeks. And it wouldnít be fair if someone else saw me more often. That means, my second boyfriend also sees me only once in three weeks, although he lives here in the city.

Later, I decided that my second relationship was under too much pressure. With only one night in three weeks, one got the feeling that everything had to run perfectly. Thatís why I made a second date with him, if only for coffee and cake. So, my second boyfriend gets one date with sex and one without, while my main boyfriend gets a whole weekend. Plus a lot of phone calls.

I also prefer to have some distance between dates, so that I have time to change gears. That means I try to have a night alone, before and after every date. In addition, I try to be fresh for my main boyfriend. Therefore, in the week before every date with him, I remain chaste.

On these other nine days, Iíd still have time for a sex date, at least in theory. But then Iíd have to explain that we might have to wait up to two weeks, because of boyfriend number one, and boyfriend number two, and then also because of the week of chastity. Honestly, Iím hardly ever in the mood for a sex date anymore. A coffee would be enough for me.


The Dreaming Forest

He was dreaming of a place...
...where you can have a profusion of lovers...
...and nobody gets hurt.

There was never enough time...
...but we did it anyway.