So I guess we were about twelve years old, and it was outside the orange doors in elementary school, and then we both ran away from each other afterwards.
So we scheduled a time to meet behind the portable, to make out.
It was in the bushes beside my elementary school.
He was really boyish.
And we ended up making out on the floor for the whole evening at my birthday party.
When I was twelve, I had a crush on David Suzuki.
And it was strange, because there was this smell, that Iíve always associated with Chinese shops.
This very rural village where no one had seen a white person before.
And none of them could speak a word of English.
Eyes like dragon, dark and mysterious.
Slender body, jet black hair.
I gave them all a good cocktail kiss.
As we do in Quebec.
My first Asian kiss was Mrs. Yee in Grade Three.

And I could have had an Asian kiss then, but there was no way near him.
Because I really wanted to make out with him, because he had this really sexy haircut.
My first Asian kiss was when I was in the army.
Sort of felt this thing between us, but it was never really spoken.
My first sexual experience was with an Asian guy.
It was pretty innocent actually, it was on the dancefloor.
And somebody jumping up, trying to hit me on the lips, I guess.
I was drunk and fell onto him.
It was a strange taste, of sort of beer and cigarettes, and disgusting and erotic at the same time.
It was kind of scary and an adventure.
I felt on edge, like I was somehow going to fuck up.
He was drunk, and he had issues about his sexuality, and then he passed out.
And after that, we never spoke about it again.

We were having a desperately single ďletís get drunkĒ evening.
He was a little bit obsessed about me, so he followed me around.
In Desmond Chungís Mazda RX-70.
We were indulging, and indulged even more, and just one thing led to another, and...
And we looked across and we kissed.
He just kind of ignited this passion in me.
Like a blacktop road on a hot summer day.
And so it was very aggressive.
He wanted to French kiss.
It was in the back of my little car.
We ended up in this big voluptuous kiss.
In the middle of making love, he stopped and asked me if I was a rice queen.
A really hot Indonesian guy.
And he really liked to suck lips.
It was really dramatic and exciting.
I wanted to devour him.
We were lucky that nobody came in, because it got pretty hot.

My first Asian kiss came to me in a dream.
It was really weird, I thought I was really cool, because I was kissing this Asian boy.
I thought after all these white guys and stuff that it might be something really different.
I donít find it different from any other kiss.
Kind of strange, actually.
It was surprised that there was so little difference.
It was a weird experience.
The kiss was decisive, firm, and well-executed.
It was a good-bye kiss, I guess.
When I actually did kiss an Asian guy, it wasnít that exotic.
In a way, it was like all the other kisses, and in a way, it wouldíve been completely different.
It was fantastic.
I liked him a lot.
He was really hot, a great kisser.
So I was really happy and thrilled that this guy of my dreams had kissed me.
My first Asian kiss left a lasting tingle on my lips.
You know he didnít smell like moth balls, but he tasted like a man.

So I remember going home that night and lying in bed having the scent of cinnamon on my lips.
I think of it in a kind of dreamlike kind of quality.
Very soft, very sweet.
Well he had a bit of a mustache, so it was kind of a fun kiss, I guess.
Iíll never forget my first Asian kiss.
It was no less than delish.
And I must say, after waiting a year for it, it was definitely well worth it.
It was the most sensual experience I ever had.
My reaction to my first Asian kiss was unexpected.
Very sexy man, very passionate, it was very surprising, my response to him.
My first Asian kiss was about ten minutes ago.
This has been a totally new experience for me, my first Asian kiss.

1973, in the arms of my mother. Sheís Asian. And Iím still getting those kisses, every day.