Wayne Yung was born in 1971 in Edmonton, Canada, to a Chinese immigrant family. He moved to Vancouver in 1994, where he became established as a writer, performer and video artist exploring issues of race and identity from a queer Chinese-Canadian perspective, while also working at the artist-run centre Video In Studios. He moved to Germany in 2001, where he spent three years in Hamburg and four years in Cologne (studying at the Academy of Media Art), before moving in 2008 to Berlin, his current home. In addition to his artistic practice, he has also been active as a curator, organizing group screenings in Vancouver, Portland, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Paris, and most recently with Berlin’s Entzaubert Queer DIY Film Festival. Since his first video release in 1994, he has travelled extensively to present his work at film festivals around the world, including solo programs at the Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival (1999), Seoul Queer Film & Video Festival (2000), Vancouver Out on Screen Festival (2001), Tel Aviv LGBT Film Festival (2008), Edmonton Latitude 53 Gallery (2008), Berlin Raumerweiterungshalle (2009) and Beijing Queer Film Festival (2011).